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Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Husband the Pot Head

A huge, heavy box arrived today, containing yet more evidence of my husband's mid-life crisis.

From the box came the four biggest pieces of cookware Calphalon makes, to add to David's already impressive collection. I suspect it took two UPS guys to get it to the front door. I can't lift half the skillets. (I think that's what you call them.)

In a dishrack on the counter, Dave has lovingly arranged eight tempered glass pot/pan lids vertically in descending size order, like some kind of gleaming musical instrument.

"This one was free," my born-again foodie hubby purred, straining to lift a silver saucepan large enough to easily accommodate a cocker spaniel.

"That's great, honey," I responded, guesstimating that the massive utensil might allow us to prepare two boxes of Hamburger Helper at the same time.

I don't dare ask how much he had to spend to get that freebie, but I suspect we are now Even Steven on the Broadway show tickets I purchased online, when I unflinchingly clicked the "best seats available" button.

Having little interest in cooking myself, I maintain that David was sent to me from Heaven above. I've made a mental note to clean out the side of the kitchen cupboard that I have stuffed with craft supplies since the kids were in diapers. The least I can do would be to help make room for these massive tools of culinary artistry. Maybe even some groceries.

My mom was right: the way to a man's heart really is by way of his stomach. Even if he's the one doing all the cooking.


Blogger TCU grad student said...

The headline threw me -- for a moment I was thinking, "Well they did grow up in the '70s" -- but then I read the blog. Funny stuff.

1:43 PM  
Blogger big daddy said...

so your hubby loves himself??

Were coming over for cocker spaniel. We will bring the tooth picks.


1:44 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Made you look!

Kurt, bring the sporks. I think we're having a weiner dog roast tonight.

3:14 PM  

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