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Monday, May 29, 2006

Quote of the Day

"Ma'am, we carry fart machines and exploding devices. A little shrieking monkey noise isn't going to bother us in the least."
Sales associate at the Olde Thyme Fun Shop in Fredricksburg, Texas, after I admonished my son for setting off his loud toy monkey in the tiny store

We just returned from our annual long weekend to the Hill Country. Jack and his buddy Michael were awarded ten dollars each to spend as they wished at the joke and novelty store if they could make the five-hour car trip without (1) passing wind or making fart sounds, or (2)making fart jokes or even saying the word "fart." This is kind of like paying poppy farmers not to produce opium. I know it's slightly wrong, but it worked wonderfully. The back windows on our van don't roll down, so I had to do something!

More later on our magical weekend.


Blogger Karen said...

Do not...I repeat...do NOT EVER go on a Scout trip....

3:12 PM  

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