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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Okay, Nancy and Mark, are you happy?

I have a new to place to write the stuff that spills out of my mind. Thanks!

Hooray for coworkers.


Blogger Siobhan said...

Tracy! It worked! Glad you like our little blog, although I'm surprised anyone who isn't related to my crazy family would find it interesting :)

Love the name, by the way! And I'll visit the treehouse regularly!


9:28 AM  
Blogger Script Tease said...

Is this one of those treehouse clubs where you have to go through some humiliating form of initiation? Oh wait, I've already done that -- 6 times. Their names are ... nevermind.

And yes, Misty, this makes me smile. Happy might be another level of satisfaction, but I'm sure it'll give me plenty of giggles. Just like when my best friend and I hid behind the furnace in her basement with a deck of cards with naked women. Well, not exactly that same kind of giggle ...

10:19 AM  

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